Springtime at Keukenhof Gardens, Amsterdam Doesn't Disappoint

The thought of wandering through fields of tulips in Holland filled will all colors of the rainbow had been a long time dream of mine.  I was not disappointed....

The Keukenhof Gardens is home to the annual tulip festival.  This is the most well know tulip festival in the world! The gardens are just under an hours drive outside of Amsterdam.  Many tours are available that provide motorcoach transportation and your admission to the park.  I chose this as an available option on my AMA Waterways River Cruise. 

The grounds are open space filled with the most beautiful welcome to spring you can ever imagine.  And just when you find yourself holding your breath or making cooing noises from what the color surrounding you, you find the pavilions.  Now we are talking about millions of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, jonquils, unique bulb flowers, cherry blossoms, and even orchids.  Seventy nine acres - seven million bulbs.  Imagine it!

In the midst of it all, is an adorable petting zoo complete with large bunny rabbits, lamas, peacocks, and billy goats.  Its a nice surprise and definitely adds to the ambiance along with the smell of fresh cinnamon cooking at the nearby snack stand. 

In the distance fields of flowers provide waves of color that goes on forever.

It's a very short season from late March to mid May so plan accordingly.  This is perfect to combine with a River Cruise leaving out of Amsterdam.  Many of the River Cruise companies offer special trips during this time to maximize your enjoyment of this wonderful time of year!

I would love to help you plan the perfect trip and provide you with the "inside" information on your options.


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