My Galapagos Islands Adventure

For as long as I can remember the Galapagos Islands had been on my Bucket List.  I love to view wildlife when I travel and knowing the unique creatures that inhabit the islands made it in my top three.  When my daughter came to me and invited me to do a mother - daughter trip we considered several possibilities. Afterall when you own a travel agency you know your options!   When she suggested the Galapagos Islands I seized the opportunity. I can honestly say that my expectations were insanely high for this trip and yet they were surpassed.  The islands are located about 600 miles west of Ecuador, in the Pacific Ocean.

We were told to expect no cell service for a few days of the trip, I didn't it seriously.  Living in the world we do today, we think our smart phones will work anywhere.  By day number two into the cruise service was gone, and guess what I didn't care!  The sunsets, the air, the peace of being what feels like in the middle of nowhere, and the ship it create a haven that just allows you to relax and enjoy every moment of this amazing experience.

I was amazed as my daughter who is afraid of spiders, jumped in the ocean with little fear by the third day, swimming with the sea lions and the abundance of marine life.

We kayaked while flamingos flew over our heads.
View Flamingos Flying

We walked through thousands of marine iguanas, which like all the wildlife on the islands are fearless of humans because they have no natural predators.

The wildlife was spectacular and imminent the moment you stepped foot on each island.  It surrounded us in the air, in the water and on land at every turn.

Mother and baby sea lions

Blue-footed boobies

Sally Lightfoot crabs

Giant Tortoises  Tortoise on the move!


And that;s just to get started!

We traveled via Silversea, on the Silver Galapagos.  They offer a fabulous package that also includes two pre-cruise nights in Quito, Ecuador, an exclusive cruise including excursions, and so much more.  Only about 100 guests and the crew was outstanding.  My personal opinion, the only way to see the Galapagos Islands.

This is for sure an adventurous voyage and not your typical cruise.  The days are filled with excursions lead by Galapagos National Park guides. Each day is completed by a full briefing on the next day's adventures and what to expect.  The learning opportunities are endless as Silversea employees specialists that lecture throughout the cruise.

I'm often asked, what age group the Expedition cruises suit best.  I really think anyone over the age of around ten.  I don't care what your age once you've looked directly into the eyes of a 600 lbs tortoise, walked between thousands of Marine Iguana's and swam with the Sea Lions, your life will never be the same again.

I'd love to help you plan your trip to discover your own Galapagos Island Adventure!

Contact me to start planning your adventure today!

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